Top 10 Quantum Computing Solution Companies - 2019

The year 2019 is projected to be the inflection-point year when quantum computing becomes a reality in enterprises. By calling upon industry veterans to tackle hardware, software, algorithms, security, and analytics—the needed components to apply quantum computing to various industries—a group of well-funded startups are making early inroads into the relatively new marketplace. With quantum computing already helping organizations address monumental problems such as climate change and supply chains, there is no ceiling on the potential of the new technology. While some companies are offering cloud-based, quantum-powered applications, others are specializing in manufacturing quantum semiconductors. The top quantum computing companies are also focused on developing advanced quantum cyber-security tools.

In healthcare, a recent example of quantum computing involves pharmaceutical giant Biogen teaming up with IT consultancy Accenture on a quantum computing experiment aimed at molecular modeling. Working with an end goal to find drugs to effectively treat deadly neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the experiment reportedly gave healthcare professionals fresh insights into one of the most complex disciplines in medicine. There are several other quantum computing solution providers that have ambitious plans to unveil similar innovations in the life sciences industry.

In the financial sector, industry leaders are using quantum computing-based applications to manage risk in investment portfolios. The energy sector has also proven to be an early adopter of quantum computing technology. Earlier this year, Exxon Mobil partnered with IBM to develop applications based on carbon-capture technology and predictive environmental modeling. As part of the partnership, the two companies will explore avenues of quantum computing to accurately make environmental predictions, optimize energy grids, and generate breakthroughs in carbon-capture technologies. Also, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has successfully partnered with Microsoft to optimize the UAE’s energy grid management. It’s undeniable that quantum computing solution providers have the potential of scaling great heights serving the energy segment.

Meanwhile, in the autonomous vehicle or selfless cars industry, Daimler Mercedes-Benz is presently using quantum computing to test new types of battery chemistry to improve electric vehicles. Some industry experts also see the potential for quantum computing in tandem with AI. With self-teaching machines undertaking more responsibilities, quantum computing could be used to turbocharge the complex machine-learning process. The top quantum computing solution providers are exploring this avenue. Emerging quantum computing solution providers are also offering full-stack quantum computing products that can serve a variety of applications. It stands to reason that both large and small businesses are invested in the burgeoning market of quantum computing, an emerging technology that spans infinite disciplines and potential applications.

With the quantum computing industry exhibiting a great deal of promise, now is truly the time for enterprises to capitalize on the technology. As has been already proven, the technology can be effectively applied to various applications, across industries. The diverse nature of the technology has given birth to a number of innovative quantum computing solution providers in the marketplace. By leafing through these pages, your business can identify one such quantum computing solution provider that could potentially tackle prevailing challenges and enhance existing processes.

We present to you CIOReview's "10 Most Promising Quantum Computing Solution Providers 2019.

    Top Quantum Computing Solution Companies

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    01 Communique's CTO and a team of crypto-scientists have developed a code-based cryptographic solution—IronCAP. It is a patent-pending quantum-safe cryptography solution, which is built on the roots of a technique that enables the construction of public-key cryptosystems to secure users against any adversary equipped with a quantum computer. In comparison to the conventional code-based cryptography, IronCAP not only improves the level of security but also makes it faster. When a specific data needs to be transmitted from one system to another, IronCAP code-based cryptography encodes and deliberately inserts error syndromes into the data that misguides a quantum computer to prevent any compromise of information

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    With a mission of unlocking the power of quantum computing for the world, the company specializes in development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software. Its quantum computing systems are designed to solve a broad class of difficult optimization, machine learning, and sampling problems that have information volumes and complexity that overwhelm the ability of conventional computers to derive accurate, timely, and actionable knowledge. Its current system, the D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer, has 2000 qubits and advanced control features that give users important control over the quantum computation

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    The company specializes in trapped ion technology for the quantum supercomputers. Reportedly, Honeywell’s trapped-ion technology has demonstrated a record-breaking high fidelity of 99.997 percent. While, this technology does not have the decades-long history and proven scalability of semiconductors, at this point, it offers the most interesting alternative for solid-state quantum computing. Honeywell is currently evaluating different computational architectures, including one-dimensional arrays of ions and a more scalable design using two-dimensional arrays to remove the limits in the number of qubits that can be strung together in a linear arrangement

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    Rigetti Computing is one among the four in the world that has a fully operational quantum computer, sharing the table with IBM, Google, and Intel. Despite operating in a market that is predominantly populated by hard-tech companies and other tech giants, Rigetti is a few years ahead of the competition and stands in a league of its own. Rigetti is the only quantum-first company, designed from its infancy to solve issues around quantum hardware and software, whereas other large companies have additional business interests that consume time and resources. The Rigetti team believes in the ideology that when smart, innovative, and motivated people are put in a room together, they can come up with outstanding solutions. That is why the company partners with businesses to help them figure out how to get value from quantum computing

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    QC Ware

    QC Ware

    QC Ware is a quantum computing company which builds company solutions operating on quantum hardware. The organization has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The company works to make quantitative computing readily available to traditionally trained data scientists and to offer short-term hardware performance speeds. QC Ware works with one of the world's largest teams of physicists, informatics, and quantum algorithms scientists to achieve the company’s goal. Combination optimization and machine learning problems with efficiencies unbeatable by traditional HPC solutions are solved in its quantum software

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    Quantum Benchmark Inc.

    Quantum Benchmark Inc.

    Quantum Benchmark is the leading supplier of software solutions that allow quantitative equipment to characterize errors, mitigate errors, correct errors, and validate performance. This organization is led by a team of the world's top quantum computer scientists and technologists whose objective is to solve real problems on quantum computers. The organization's proprietary technology is based on the studies of internationally renowned quantitative computer scientists. In the case of these unavoidable mistakes, both consumers and manufacturers of quantum hardware need to optimize and validate quantity computation

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    Quantum Photonics

    Quantum Photonics

    Quantum Photonics generates future energy solutions and enhances the world's power networks. The organization offers decentralized energy solutions that allow scanning and decarbonization. Quantum Photonics is a disruptive optoelectronics organization specializing in the development of patented power collection equipment. The main emphasis of the organization remains on the measurement and capacity for the improvement of quantum phenomena. Quantum Photonics was created to provide easy-to-use alternatives to many of the most significant issues in the world. Quantum Photonics presently focuses on the company's energy segment but opens various business channels around other disruptive products on the manner

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    Rydberg Technologies

    Rydberg Technologies

    Rydberg Technologies is a R&D company that produces quantum technology for sensing, monitoring, and imaging solutions of the next generation. The company headquarters in the State of Michigan. The platform technology of Rydberg Technologies uses atomic vapors as radiation and electricity quantum sensors. The nuclear radio receiver of the organization is essentially a new technology for the reception of radio based on the direct optical collection and demodulation of AM and FM radio waves in tiny nuclear receivers. The nuclear magnetic field sample technology of Rydberg Technologies offers sturdy, absolute standards (nuclear) magnetic field measurement and sensoring

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    SeeQC develops and markets superconductive quantum technology for a wide variety of quantum processing applications, including scalable quantum and simulators with fault-tolerant, quantum, and quantum sensors. In order to ensure the commercially feasible quantum-technology products in the transition, SeeQC.EU collaborates intimately with the European university partners. SeeQC is a European operating corporation founded in Rome, which has Hypres Investment and R&D labs located in Naples, Italy. SeeQC R&D Labs are well-equipped with a high-sensitivity, low-noise superconductive circuit, and extensive equipment for the evaluation of quantum information treatment

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    Strangeworks builds the software for accessing quantum computing. Strangeworks is a non-conventional computing firm based in Austin, TX, which presently makes quantum computing available to software developers and scientists, and IT and CIO system management instruments. Strangeworks has a mission to speed up advances in quantum computing through the democratization of hardware access, which creates an open atmosphere for cooperation. Strangeworks aims to be a quantic computing catalyst. Strangeworks builds the software for accessing quantum computing. The company's product are hardware-agnostic, software-inclusive, flexible, and collaboratively designed environment that combines the latest advances, frameworks, and tools in a single place and available to anyone